Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Domestic Violence Problems

  • We Had a Bad Day

    We Had a Bad Day

    First a Note Note from 2012: One of my greatest fears is that my behavior negatively affects my boys. Looking back on this journal entry makes that fear real. I know they’ve felt pain due to my yelling. I don’t always separate my frustrations with my relationship and myself from my frustrations with my children.…


  • I’m Always Saying Something Stupid

    I’m Always Saying Something Stupid

    I’d say I was lonely or tired or sad and he would get angry and tell me “You have it so fucking good! You don’t have a damn thing to complain about!”


  • Hate-Hate Relationship

    Hate-Hate Relationship

    I tried to learn how to NOT respond to Will’s verbal abuse and nasty behavior, but sitting there and taking it was a response. He liked it, I think.


  • Skipping Work – Fatigue, Inability to Concentrate and Irritability

    Skipping work by abused women (& men) costs corps. & the govt. millions of dollars annually, plus financial & emotional cost to the victims. But with symptoms stemming from verbal and emotional abuse, the only solution is to end the abuse.


  • Moody Depressed Alone

    Moody Depressed Alone

    I’ve been so depressed & moody lately – I’ve been terrible. I either am so deeply in love that I can’t see, or else he is irritating the shit out of me.


  • Pregnant & Worried About Money

    Pregnant & Worried About Money

    I’m very concerned about investing the little money we have into bonds or CD’s or something. Will is holding out to buy CD’s, but we need $1000 just to start one of those! Why not invest in SOME way while we can? Oh well. I guess I should let him handle that for now. If…


  • I Thought He Loved Me

    I Thought He Loved Me

    Her mouth is half-blocked like her voice is slipping away, she’s sacrificing herself on a cross, there are vortexes sucking the little woman away, watery graves, naked and unprotected caught in a silent scream … I drew this image and still didn’t consciously realize I was stepping into an abusive relationship.