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Men as Domestic Violence Victims

  • How to Avoid Abuse In Future Relationships

    How to Avoid Abuse In Future Relationships

    Get Clear on What You Expect from a Relationship You experienced an abusive relationship before, and your favorite personal goal is to avoid abuse entirely in every relationship from now on. Unfortunately, your experience tells you that you could be in love before you find out that your new mate is abusive! You’re smart enough to know that abusive people keep their…


  • Was I Abused When He Grabbed My Face?

    Was I Abused When He Grabbed My Face?

    Domestic abuse victims ask, ‘Was I abused?’ because they truly don’t know, even if the answer is obvious to outsiders. Find out how fear alters an abuse victim’s perspective, and makes ‘Was I abused?’ confusing to answer.


  • Why Does Gender Bias Exist When Talking About Domestic Abuse?

    Why Does Gender Bias Exist When Talking About Domestic Abuse?

    Gender bias in articles about domestic violence and abuse is common. What has to happen to get rid of gender bias in domestic violence and abuse conversations? See this.


  • Women Hit More Than Men But Men Do More Damage

    We’ve taught our young men about domestic violence, but got the message to our girls that only guys can be held accountable for it. It’s time we taught our daughters to keep their hands and feet to themselves, too.


  • Joshua’s Story of Abuse

    Joshua’s Story of Abuse

    Joshua’s Signs of Being Abused Coerced into ceasing contact with friends, having a knife pulled on me while being called the name of my ex’s first husband, put-downs towards myself/family/friends. After I left: having calls go to my workplace asking that I be fired, calls to my ex-wife’s lawyer to try to get my son…


  • Jim’s Story – Leaving Abuse

    Jim’s Story – Leaving Abuse

    What happened that made you decide to leave? Amazon.com WidgetsShe dumped me again. I had no choice. I’m glad she didn’t change her mind again. I stopped talking to her completely because we were still being verbally abusive to each other after the breakup. How did you feel about your abuser and/or your relationship in…


  • Steve’s Story of Abuse

    Steve’s Story of Abuse

    I found your site in a desperate search to understand what I am dealing with. I do not know how many will understand a husband being abused, but here goes.


  • Joe’s Story of Abuse

    Joe’s Story of Abuse

    Joe’s Signs of Being Abused My turning point came when Mom’s family intervened and Dad started getting in trouble for his behavior. When I lived with Mom’s family, I realized that there was another way to live and love. Joe’s Emotional Signs of Abuse Afraid, Sad, Lonely Joe’s Story of Abuse My memories are like an old thriller that keeps replaying…


  • Are Abusers Typically Men? Let’s Stop Assuming They Are

    Are Abusers Typically Men? Let’s Stop Assuming They Are

    Men can abuse their male partners; women can abuse their female partners. Women who abuse men are just as horrid as the reversed situation. I want to make it clear that the information presented on Verbal Abuse Journals seeks to educate victims and prevent abuse of either gender and any sexual orientation.


  • About Abuse

    About Abuse

    What Are Other Words for Abuse? You might hear abuse called many things: Who Is Abused? Abusers target any person (adult or child) regardless of age, race, religion, education level, IQ, economic background, culture, or community status. Who Gets It Worse, Men or Women? As a society, we tend to assume that abusers are men…