Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Skipping Work – Fatigue, Inability to Concentrate and Irritability

Skipping work by abused women (& men) costs corps. & the govt. millions of dollars annually, plus financial & emotional cost to the victims.

Yes, yes it’s true. I lied. I told SSG Delacruz that my doctor’s appointment in Frankfurt was at 1300, but I came home instead. I mailed Meme’s and Nana’s Christmas presents (so late with everything!) and now sit here smoking a cigarette enjoying the noise the wind makes outside. Will is at a parade in Dexheim.

It is quiet here. Finally.

I fixed myself a Jim Beam and Coke, but I doubt I’ll drink it. Our pictures from France turned out shitty, but that’s okay – I remember the important things.

  • Sacre Coeur (I cried in this church and thanked God for how lucky I am to have Will and the things I own. It was the most beautiful, emotionally powerful place I’ve ever been.)
  • Painter’s Square, where I got my portrait done and Will bought an artwork that he was thoroughly drawn to. (That impressed me. Will doesn’t usually appreciate art or Christ on the cross.)
  • The Moulin Rouge with the huge lighted windmill where Toulouse Lautrec hung out. There were original works by him all over the place.

Right now my period is four days late, but I know it will come. I’ll probably never get pregnant. I have a lot to do but just want to go to sleep. I think I will.

*Hindsight to Help You