Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

My Life After Abuse

  • Codependent Behavior Makes Abuse Victims Manipulative Too

    Hello everyone, this week I’ve thought about the “mess” codependent behavior causes in our hearts and minds. It’s so confusing to live in abuse, confusing when you want to leave it, and confusing once you are free. Confusion causes us to act unlike ourselves, distrust ourselves, and try to manipulate for the greater good (which…


  • I Didn’t Know It Was Abuse

    I Didn’t Know It Was Abuse

    One morning, while applying waterproof mascara, I looked into my eyes and saw it. Nothing. My eyes didn’t shine or pop; there was no light. Where did I go? Where was my soul? Fiery hot tears boiled in the corners of my eyes and rolled down my cheeks leaving their tracks in the pink blush…


  • Domestic Violence and Abuse News: 7/2 — 7/8 2018

    Domestic Violence and Abuse News: 7/2 — 7/8 2018

    What’s in the news about domestic violence and abuse? This webinar is on its 3rd episode of 6 planned webinars. It covers everything from money management to finding housing so far. Check out the playlist on YouTube. “Homicide–suicides were more likely than suicide alone following interpersonal conflict and recent crisis. The risk of firearm homicide–suicide compared with…


  • Domestic Violence and Abuse News: 6/24 – 7/1, 2018

    Domestic Violence and Abuse News: 6/24 – 7/1, 2018

    What’s in domestic violence and abuse news? Curated stories from this past week: Eva Wiseman: Blaming Football (Soccer) for Domestic Violence Is Only Half the Story “Football and alcohol do not cause domestic violence. Tension built by these things, this summer, will contribute to and trigger it, but the cause of domestic violence is abusive…


  • Flat-Lining in Domestic Abuse Recovery

    Flat-Lining in Domestic Abuse Recovery

    Stephen Covey says to “live out of your imagination, not your history.” Depression, suicidal thoughts, hate, despair and hopelessness result when I live out of the mindset of my past. It’s as if he is abusing me all over again.


  • June 15-21: Social Media Stories On Domestic Violence

    June 15-21: Social Media Stories On Domestic Violence

    I tweet and post on Facebook hoping to give you all valuable information that you can use. The stories tell of Verbal Abuse Journals tweets under #exposeDV unless it just won’t fit in the character limit. Our twitter handle is @abuse_journals – please follow. The Verbal Abuse Journals Facebook page showcases Janet’s messages (she’s our mentor manager)…


  • Escaping Abuse Is (Always) the Best Thing to Do

    Escaping Abuse Is (Always) the Best Thing to Do

    Escaping abuse means turning your life upside down, but the trouble of escaping abuse is well worth it if you know what to expect when you go. Read my new post at HealthyPlace.com titled Escaping Abuse: 5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You


  • Hindsight Can’t Help Me But Could Help You Understand Abuse

    Hindsight shows me my mistakes in thinking. It shows me how my love for him blinded me. Maybe if you can see my hindsight before it happens to you, you’ll get OUT. I now understand that no choice he presented to me would end the abuse. I left the Army-abuse continued. Got pregnant-abuse continued. Doing…


  • Of Knights and Poets

    Of Knights and Poets

    The day came when she looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the countenance staring back at her. The dark spot within her hissed an evil laugh. She looked into her past and realized that, once upon a time, she was vibrant and lovable; she longed for that young woman to return. The…


  • #TheDayItStarted

    Red Door Productions introduces #TheDayItStarted as a prompt for abuse victims to tell about their earliest memory of domestic abuse.