Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Mentoring for Abuse Survivors

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Why Choose Mentoring if You’re an Abuse Survivor?

After experiencing relationship abuse, regaining your sense of self can be a slow process. You often reach one level of healing only to discover there is more work to do. Many people experience disappointment and frustration during this process. You may wonder, “When will I be whole again?” and think “Maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe I’ll stand still, right here, and stop working so hard.” Now is not the time to stop! Now is the time to receive mentoring for abuse survivors.

Mentoring after abuse shortens your journey from survivor to thriver. Domestic Abuse Survivor Help (DASH) offers to mentor people who are ready to create healthy, fulfilling lives. DASH mentors can help you deal with the lingering effects of domestic abuse authentically because they also suffered abuse and left their destructive relationship.

What Do DASH Mentors Know?

The mentors at DASH have worked through the aftermath of being abused. They’ve dealt with issues like:

  • Separating the abuser’s malicious voice from our own
  • Recognizing and stopping intrusive thoughts that pull us down
  • Dealing effectively with fear
  • Coming down from the high induced when you physically leave an abuser
  • Increasing self-esteem and belief in our own competence
  • Detaching from the abuser’s antics
  • Co-Parenting with the family abuser
  • Re-learning to trust our inner voice and that of our higher power
  • Evaluating who is worthy of our trust, intimacy, and friendship
  • Excluding hurtful people from our lives without guilt or shame
  • Replacing emotional poisons with emotional strengths
  • Learning mindfulness techniques that keep us centered and strong
  • And more.

Mentors want to pass on their hard-won knowledge to you. Will you accept it?

Mentoring After Abuse Is Worth It

Mentors benefit you greatly with one-on-one support.

  • A mentor reminds you that others have gone through your pain and ended up better on the other side of it because they’ve done it.
  • Mentors are role models, teachers, advisers, and coaches who lovingly support your efforts, guiding you toward a whole and healthy lifestyle.
  • Mentors help lift you over the obstacles you face so you can move on to more fulfilling relationships and greater degrees of self-love.

I wholeheartedly believe that mentoring for abuse survivors is an important part of healing. VerbalAbuseJournals.com recommends DASH to abuse survivors. The service is free. The mentors have been in your shoes. They can help you come out much brighter on this side of abuse. Visit DASH now.

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