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Life-Changing Workbook

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What Does Your Life Look Like These Days?

Why would you need a life-changing workbook? Well, do you feel like you’re pointlessly mucking about in life? Are you barely doing what you must (and a bunch of other things that don’t seem to matter much)? This lifestyle leaves you little time to reach your goals, or to think about goals at all. Every day is the same, hurried and unfocused; what you need is time to think.

It would be nice to have a therapist to help you get clear on where you are and where you want to be. Unfortunately, we can’t always go to a professional. And really, if you want to get yourself straightened out, you don’t need a therapist. You just need your undivided attention and a guide to help you think things through (Here’s a time when I needed this workbook and didn’t have it yet).

But now I do have what you need right here. It’s a life-changing workbook that guides you through the process of deciding what you want and how to get there from where you are. I use this life-changing workbook in my domestic abuse survivor mentoring practice. It helps you create a current “life snapshot” to help you refocus on the things that matter most to you. One of the best things about it is that you can reuse it every time you’re feeling stuck or directionless.

The Truth About This Life-Changing Workbook

I won’t lie – this workbook takes WORK! But, when you get to the end of it, you’ll have a better idea of where you are so you can direct yourself to where you want to go. Did I mention it’s free if you download it from this page? You can download Life Snapshot for free here.

Or, you can buy the real thing here: Life-Changing Workbook: Start Where You Are to Get Where You Want to Go

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