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  • Your Recovery From Domestic Abuse

    Your Recovery From Domestic Abuse

    Recovering on Purpose Recovery from domestic abuse and violence is always possible. Recovery from domestic abuse becomes probable when you: No one knows how long you’ll need to completely recover from domestic abuse. But as you’ll find out, even a bit of recovery from abuse makes your heart sing. Nurturing your recovery, or recovering on purpose, adds structure to your recovery. Thoughts…


  • Accusing and Blaming

    Accusing and Blaming

    What’s the Purpose of Accusing and Blaming? Accusing and blaming help abusers take the focus off of what they’re doing and put it onto their victims. If your abuser can convincingly accuse you of “starting this whole thing” or blame you for their actions, then you’re likely to consider their viewpoint, maybe agree then try to prove…


  • Abusive Anger

    Abusive Anger

    What Is Abusive Anger? Why Do Abusers Use It? Abusive anger benefits abusive people by sending shockwaves of doubt and fear through their target’s mind and body. The target will freeze, flee, or fight back. The best thing to do is flee – leave the area. Besides preventing further emotional turmoil, abusive anger can turn violent even…


  • Verbal Abuse Disguised as a Joke

    Verbal Abuse Disguised as a Joke

    What Is Abuse Disguised as Jokes? Abuse disguised as a joke happens when abusers tease or make fun of you, usually in front of others. However, you know they are threats and put-downs in disguise. They’re sick personal “jokes” between the two of you. Only you know the real story behind his “humor.” Friends probably wonder why…


  • Threatening Behavior And Words

    Threatening Behavior And Words

    What Are Threatening Words and Behavior? As you can guess, threatening words and behavior imply or involve emotional pain, physical pain, or both. If your partner threatens to leave if you do or don’t do something, that is a threat. Threats are verbal and emotional abuse. Some things you could hear are, “If you go out…


  • The Brainwashing Technique

    The Brainwashing Technique

    Learn How It’s Done So You Can Undo It Your Abuser Already Knows How It’s Done This brainwashing technique isn’t so much one your abuser learned on purpose (although she certainly could have studied brainwashing techniques). Brainwashing comes naturally to people If something went wrong and your abuser lacks empathy in any way, she probably picked up…


  • Choosing to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

    Choosing to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

    Choosing to stay in an abusive relationship is a valid choice. Despite the horrors of an abusive relationship, sometimes abused people choose to stay with their abuser. Staying doesn’t mean you’ll be happy, but sometimes staying for now or forever seems like the only thing you can do. Here are some possibilities of what can happen if you choose to…


  • Verbal Abuse in Marriage Blog


  • Verbal Abuse Symptoms In Long-Term Relationships

    Verbal Abuse Symptoms In Long-Term Relationships

    Do you have these verbal abuse symptoms? If you are depressed, anxious, lonely or feel you do not know who you are anymore, or many other debilitating conditions both mental and physical, you might be a victim of verbal abuse and domestic abuse or violence.


  • Tips for Leaving an Abusive Relationship

    Tips for Leaving an Abusive Relationship

    Your Safety and Health Leaving an abusive relationship behind will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. I promise. The years since I left my abusive husband prove to me that I am valuable, lovable, courageous, and capable of handling my affairs. It took time to relearn those things that…