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Pregnant & Worried About Money

Shows sad worried eyes of a pregnant woman worried about money

Well, it’s finally true – I’m pregnant! I keep worrying that I’ll miscarry. It seems so impossible that someone could live and grow inside my body. I know it happens to other people all the time, but what if I do something wrong? What happens if I drink too much tea?

We ordered $200 worth of maternity clothes and a car seat. If our credit gets approved, we’ll get those things and a Sears charge card. We applied for a MasterCard too, but we haven’t gotten an answer. It’s only been a couple of weeks anyway.

I’m very concerned about investing the little money we have into retirement: bonds or the TSP account or something. Will is holding out to buy CDs, but we need $1000 just to start one! Why not invest in some way while we can? Oh well.

I guess I should let him handle that for now. If it gets really bad I’ll step back in. Maybe he feels like I’m invading “his” job space.

We’ve been getting along very well except that I’m very moody and find it hard to control my temper.

Note From 2008: Although I eventually thought I had control over our finances, it wasn’t true control. My husband raged when the bills weren’t the same as last month or we overspent on our credit card. He didn’t take responsibility for the charges he made or admit that some bills change in amount each month. He used my financial decisions to humiliate me. Financial abuse doesn’t necessarily include withholding funds from the victim.

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