Recovery From Domestic Abuse: Recover on Purpose

Recovery from domestic abuse takes time. Recovery can take much less time if you know a few things common to survivors in recovery. Take a look.Recovery from domestic abuse and violence is always possible. Recovery from domestic abuse becomes probable when you:

  • know, in general, what feelings to expect during recovery,
  • get a head start on complications that can happen in recovery, and
  • develop coping skills to navigate your recovery from domestic abuse.

No one knows how long you’ll need to completely recover from domestic abuse. But as you’ll find out, even a bit of recovery from domestic abuse makes your heart sing. Nurturing your recovery from domestic abuse, or recovering on purpose, adds structure to your recovery.

Is Recovery from Domestic Abuse Possible Before Leaving?

In the article How To Recover From Emotional Trauma of Domestic Abuse on, I said,

If you are currently in an abusive relationship, I don’t want to say you’re screwed on recovery. But you kind of are. Just a little. Although there are things you can do to recoup from the day’s abuses, while living with your abuser, you are continually recouping. You can’t get ahead of the emotional and psychological trauma and into recovery when you live with abuse.

I still believe that. Whole-heartedly. Although you can’t completely heal from abuse while living in it, self-care can keep you healthier than doing nothing at all.

The only way to recover from anything is to first fix the problem. For example, recovery begins when you kill cancer cells, put a cast on a broken bone, or take an antibiotic to balance the different bacteria in your body. You can’t recover from anything if you don’t do something to fix the problem first. And honey, you are not the problem that needs to be fixed in your abusive relationship. The problem is your abuser, and your abuser is pretty happy just the way things are.

So let’s get back to recovering from domestic abuse on purpose with Five Feelings in Domestic Abuse Recovery That Could Derail Your Healing. collects stories of leaving abuse. Read a few to learn what it’s like to be free of it. Here’s the link –> Stories of Leaving Abuse.

Recovery From Domestic Abuse for People Ready to Heal
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Recovery From Domestic Abuse for People Ready to Heal
Recovery from domestic abuse can take some time. Knowing common feelings that survivors feel will help you during recovery from domestic abuse.
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Verbal Abuse Journals
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