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Mentoring Program from Verbal Abuse Journals

Logo for Domestic Abuse Survivor Help, DASH, which was the Verbal Abuse Journals Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program Renamed Domestic Abuse Survivor Help (DASH)

I’m very proud of the former Verbal Abuse Journals Mentoring Program. We helped hundreds of people who lived in abusive relationships or had left them. I will be forever grateful to Janet Rhodes for supervising the program and then accepting full responsibility for it.

Before handing it over to Janet completely, I renamed the program to Domestic Abuse Survivors’ Help (DASH). If you need a support system, whether you are currently abused or are now out of an abusive relationship, DASH will help you navigate the emotions and thoughts that originate from abuse. It’s done through email and is completely confidential and free of charge.

Send them an email at dash@relationshipabuse-recovery.ca or go to the DASH website to get started.

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