Stories of Domestic Violence & Abuse

Stories of domestic violence and abuse and/or sexual trauma in committed relationships submitted to Verbal Abuse Journals by site visitors. The authors of these pages are anonymous unless they requested otherwise. Kellie Jo Holly's submissions are not anonymous, and usually play a part on other sections of the website too.

Little Angelou’s Story – Leaving Abuse

How I Left the Abusive Relationship What happened that made you decide to leave? I was constantly in fear. I thought I would explode with anxiety. How did you feel about your abuser and/or your relationship in the days before you left? It was so intense, fortunately we did not live in the same house. […]

Boring’s Story – Leaving Abuse

How I Left the Abusive Relationship What happened that made you decide to leave? His behaviour escalated. I felt I had to leave because I couldn’t believe a person would treat another human the way he did if they didn’t hate them. I suggested we separate and he went mad, crying, saying I couldn’t leave […]

Sam’s Story of Abuse: Fear, Loneliness and Sadness

How Sam Realized She Was Being Abused He showed jealousy, needed to control everything, came up with crazy accusations, threatened suicide, isolated me and himself from family and friends. For some time I thought maybe I was going crazy, since he was careful to show a good face in public, even sending me roses at work a […]

Share Your Stories of Abuse Thru Writing, Art, Music & More

It isn’t 1950 anymore. We can make it our business when we hear screams, see fake smiles or sense something wrong with another family. It is our responsibility to safely offer help to men, women and children who we suspect suffer abuse.

My Abusive Marriage Recap

While reorganizing this website, I came across some pages that don’t fit the site any longer. But I didn’t want to get rid of their brief synopses of the abuse suffered through the years. So I thought I’d add them to a brand new page and see if brevity works as well as deep explanation for […]

Submit Alternative Stories of Abuse

I know abuse hurts on the inside and the out. It helps me to doodle and write about my experience, but I want to see what helps YOU. Please submit any creation about your story of abuse to help others know they are not alone.

Stories of Abuse in Video, Music & Audio

These stories of abuse come from survivors in video, music and other types of audio-visual presentations. Come see and hear what abuse survivors have to say!

Of Knights and Poets

The day came when she looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t recognize the countenance staring back at her. The dark spot within her hissed an evil laugh. She looked into her past and realized that, once upon a time, she was vibrant and lovable; she longed for that young woman to return. The dark spot laughed again, but this time, she took a hair pick and stabbed it deeply into her center, bright blood spilling onto the floor followed by black bile that writhed and twisted itself into a snake on the floor.

Protection From Domestic Violence – PaperLi

Protection From Domestic Violence is an aggregate of social media shares and websites on the topics of domestic violence and healing from abuse. It updates daily with new shares, posts and pages from across the Internet. If this page takes too long to load, you can also view the at Protection from Domestic Violence. Be Included in Protection from […]

Gipsy’s Leaving Abuse Story

Just leave. Now. Get up right now and leave. It will not get better and you might never reach the point where you feel strong enough or dead enough to leave