Janet survived domestic violence before leaving with her three children. She now supervises the mentors available to you on Verbal Abuse Journals and runs a VerbalAbuseJournal's facebook page along with her own page about PTSD and domestic violence.

About Janet

Janet supervises our survivor mentors team. Her dedication to our clients as a mentor, mentor supervisor, group moderator and manager of our Facebook page shows her great empathy and commitment.

Janet is a survivor of domestic violence. She stayed with her abuser for 15 years and has three children with him. Fortunately, she has custody of her children.

Doctors diagnose 1 in 10 women abused by her partner with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In 2011, doctors diagnosed Janet with PTSD due to the trauma in her marriage. She experienced nightmares and flashbacks due to PTSD and has since learned many ways to cope with the disorder. Janet looks forward to sharing what she has learned and helping others on their journey.

Abuse Survivor Fights PTSD and Depression And Wins

Today is rough. I looked back on my life to see how my mental illnesses affect my relationships with others (Is PTSD from Domestic Abuse Causing Your Distress?). This is hard to do because I didn’t ask for these mental illnesses; I wasn’t born with PTSD or depression! I never asked for the car accident with my […]