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Flat-Lining in Domestic Abuse Recovery

Stephen Covey says to “live out of your imagination, not your history.” Depression, suicidal thoughts, hate, despair and hopelessness result when I live out of the mindset of my past. It’s as if he is abusing me all over again.

Can You Be Financially Abused If You Have Access to Money?

You can be financially abused even if you earn your own money or have access to family funds. Financial abuse is more than you may think.

Domestic Violence Is A Bigger Problem Than We Realized

Domestic violence is a bigger problem than we realized because it affects not only the abused person but that person’s entire system (family, friends, colleagues, children, economy, etc.). We cannot afford to consider domestic violence as a family affair like in the past. The web of domestic violence spreads far and wide, infecting every individual in the United States. Domestic violence affects you whether you realize it or not.

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The Day It Started

Red Door Productions introduces #TheDayItStarted as a prompt for abuse victims to tell about their earliest memory of domestic abuse.

Santa is a Bastard – Hateful Things & Hidden Memories

Well, you could say that Santa just gave me a pack of big ol’ granny panties, definitely unwanted but oh so useful. I went up into the attic to grab another journal. In it is a page torn from a notebook, on which I wrote,

Why Don’t You Just LEAVE Him?

I just ran across Brian Fox’s website. He wrote a pamphlet entitled “Why Don’t They Just Leave?” to help the friends of domestic abuse victims understand what they can and cannot do to help their suffering friend. Here’s an excerpt: Hope is something that you need to be aware and careful of. When someone is […]

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