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I feel that anyone could lethally wound me with a glance. I feel exposed to many elements of my mind; exposed and in danger, not exposed and protected. My fiance, Jarimie, wants to protect me when I feel vulnerable. But how can he protect me from myself? From my thoughts and fears? He cannot do […]

Intuition played a huge part in my escape from abuse. Listening to it saved me from homelessness too.

Today Is Better Than Dreadful Thanks to Intuition

Sometimes, dreadfulness happens to mostly-good people; and sometimes, pleasantness happens to mostly-rotten people. Always, the situation changes and sometimes it changes for the worst. However, if you’re connecting to helpful people, then tomorrow changes for the better. Your intuition turns the key to knowing who will help and who will hurt. My intuition fell silent […]

I worry my environment hinders my abilities. I want so much more peace for myself than I have right now. My patience with being patient is wearing thin.

The Homeless Chapter

I don’t know much. At least I know I don’t know much. Life takes twists and turns that seemed impossible only days before. Now, more than any other time in my life, I am uncertain what tomorrow brings. Over the past year and a half I’ve lived with my sister, my grandmother, my fiance and […]

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Passed Out

[…removed text] When my heart was racing, I was partly remembering when he tossed me over the table and held me down by my throat and chest. I wondered if he would get that mad again. But you know something sick? After he let me up off the couch, it was like a relief. It […]


I wish I had stopped this long ago, but I didn’t. And now that I am trying to stop it, I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make it all better. I wish that saving my soul and saving my marriage was not a process – a long process.

Growing Up Co-Dependent

They could love me when they were happy, so it was my job to make them happy. I dare say, that is not any child’s job. It’s not anyone’s job. As a side-effect, I was happy when they were happy, and it was a tragedy when they were not happy. I grew up in the middle of a tragedy.