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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is “street smarts,” as opposed to “book smarts,” when speaking about emotional strength. It’s what accounts for a great deal of a persons ability to navigate life effectively. We experience different levels of emotional intelligence based on our own life’s teachings and experiences. Learning to understand the five categories of emotional intelligence will […]

The Art of Verbal Self-Defense

Verbal Abuse is the undercurrent of most domestic violence. Hostile language is dangerous to our health not only because of it’s destructive nature but because it so often escalates into physical violence. Learning the Art of Verbal Self Defense is learning how to create a system (in any environment) whereas hostile language can be diffused […]

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

Non-Violent, Mature Relationships…from the heart!

Julie is a trained domestic violence victims advocate and facilitator of a Batterer’s Intervention Program in California. She joins to help victims and survivors to heal from domestic violence help survivors understand why their abuser abuses, and to help abusers stop their abusive behaviors. Non-violent, mature relationships include qualities of cohesiveness, acceptance and joy with […]

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Focused Energy

Simpleology’s lesson for me today is “focused energy.” Following the lesson plan, I watched the video, read the material, listened to the mp3…and made all kinds of delicious check-marks for completing the lesson in my journal. YAY ME! However, I am finding that my “focused energy” is, at best, divided and at worst “fuzzy.” Doesn’t […]

I'm Staying

I made a monumental decision: I’m staying in my marriage.

In the Way

I don’t know what he’s thinking under those arguments that I don’t understand. I feel like there has to be something more to it, but after I publish this post, I’m going to let go of it entirely. I left him in charge of deciding, and now all I can do is wait without trying to figure him out. I have to let him go.