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Abuse does strange things to people. The more he abused, the more I wanted him to know I was a good person and didn't deserve his abuse. It was like a glue.

Abuse Is Never Love But I Wanted It to Be

What I didn’t understand at the time was that if Will wanted to lash out at me, it did not matter what I said or did or how I said or did it. The purpose of yelling at me, accusing me of lying, telling me I was a horrid mother, insisting I was cheating and all the rest was to keep me off balance. To keep me confused. To keep me explaining myself to him so he did not have to explain himself to me.

I've never been to war, raped at knife-point or fought for my life. But I lived with an unpredictable, abusive man and that is good reason to develop PTSD.

PTSD Is Not An Excuse to Hurt Your Family

I’ve never been to war. I’ve never been raped at knife-point or fought for my life from strangers. But I did live with an unpredictable, angry and abusive man for over 17 years. And that is way more than enough time to develop hyper-anxiety, difficulty concentrating, experiencing overwhelming guilt or shame, and any other PTSD symptom.

Red Door Productions introduces #TheDayItStarted as a prompt for abuse victims to tell about their earliest memory of domestic abuse.

The Day It Started

Red Door Productions introduces #TheDayItStarted as a prompt for abuse victims to tell about their earliest memory of domestic abuse.

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effects of abuse make you feel incapable

Living With Abuse On Your Back

Living with abuse is like living under a 300 pound weight. Except that you don’t know you’re carrying Abuse on your shoulders. You don’t realize how much grander life would be if you dropped the weight.


Blogs About Abuse In Real Time

Here are some blogs about abuse written by women experiencing abuse in their relationships right now: He’s Got Issues – Yes he does. This blogger documents her struggles in an abusive relationship. He says, “Oh I kinda wish i was single, cause it would be cheaper and I would have more time alone.. but I […]

end abuse in relationships

New Year’s Resolutions to End Abusive Relationships, Pt. 1

Happy New Year! Let’s welcome 2013 with fireworks of a different kind. Consider those electric fireworks (impulses) in your brain, firing away on their habitual path. Continuing into the new year with your old habits won’t change a darn thing. To make real change, you’ve got to forge a new brain path for those electric […]