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June 15-21: Social Media Stories On Domestic Violence

I tweet and post on Facebook hoping to give you all valuable information that you can use. The stories tell of domestic violence in the news, leaving and staying in domestic violence, safety planning and ways to get help, books about domestic violence, books to take your mind off domestic violence and health issues of concern […]

Escaping Abuse Is The Best Thing To Do BUT It’s Not Easy

Escaping abuse means turning your life upside down, but the trouble of escaping abuse is well worth it if you know what to expect when you go. Read my new post at titled Escaping Abuse: 5 Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

Domestic Violence Response Strategy Saves Lives-Take a Quiz

Fatalities from domestic violence cases in Maryland are down 30% thanks to a simple 16 question checklist and a call to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at the time of the 911 call response. After the officer gives the quiz, she or he calls a number that allows the victim to talk to the National […]

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Don’t Worry

I doubt it. You don’t know him like I do, so please stop trying to make me pretend that I know him like YOU do.

Please, don’t tell me not to worry.

Anonymity Compromised

My husband found my website and blog. I figured he already had found them, but I suppose he just wasn’t interested or didn’t make the connection between what he saw me doing at home and what was going online…or whatever. At first he was angry, but now he isn’t. At least, that’s what he says, […]

Focused Energy

Simpleology’s lesson for me today is “focused energy.” Following the lesson plan, I watched the video, read the material, listened to the mp3…and made all kinds of delicious check-marks for completing the lesson in my journal. YAY ME! However, I am finding that my “focused energy” is, at best, divided and at worst “fuzzy.” Doesn’t […]

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