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emotional intelligence includes many learnable skills

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is “street smarts,” as opposed to “book smarts” when speaking about emotional strength. Emotional intelligence accounts for a great deal of a person’s ability to navigate life effectively. We experience different levels of emotional intelligence based on our own life’s teachings and experiences. Learning to understand the five components of emotional intelligence will greatly […]

The Art of Verbal Self Defense

Verbal abuse underlies most domestic violence. Hostile language is dangerous to our health not only because of its destructive nature but because it so often escalates into physical violence. Learning the Art of Verbal Self Defense is learning how to create a system (in any environment) where you can diffuse hostile language as well as give the victim […]

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

Non-Violent, Mature Relationships From the Heart!

Julie is a trained domestic violence victims advocate and facilitator of a Batterer’s Intervention Program in California. She joins to help victims and survivors to heal from domestic violence help survivors understand why their abuser abuses, and to help abusers stop their abusive behaviors. Non-violent, mature relationships include qualities of cohesiveness, acceptance and joy with […]

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Will I Survive This?

That question headed the discussion at the Woman’s Emotional Abuse Support yahoo group. I wanted to answer it with a positive note, but I couldn’t. I am wondering the same thing. The pain and agony, heart-wrenching gut-churning sadness that I am experiencing is worse than any I’ve felt before. It’s worse than when my grandfathers […]

Shutting Up

Last year, I tapered off from this blog because I was afraid of what would come of it in court. Nothing came of it in court. This blog was either irrelevant or the battle didn’t get nasty enough for his attorney to use it. Or maybe there was nothing to be said about it. Will’s […]

Randomly K's Story

Thankfully, I have found Randomly K’s Journal Entry! It’s posted on the site along with Amber’s and Mike’s. Thank you so much for sharing your story, RK.  “It” happens just as you describe it. So often I’ve done something against my better judgment because I thought it would make him happy. What a joke. He […]