Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Domestic Violence and Abuse News: 7/2 — 7/8 2018

What’s in the news about domestic violence and abuse?

This webinar is on its 3rd episode of 6 planned webinars. It covers everything from money management to finding housing so far. Check out the playlist on YouTube.

“Homicide–suicides were more likely than suicide alone following interpersonal conflict and recent crisis. The risk of firearm homicide–suicide compared with suicide associated with interpersonal conflict was twice greater among those 30 years or older compared with those 29 and under.”

  • RocketCityNow.com: Help for victims of domestic violence

Ideas on what to do when you do not receive a restraining order.

“One [law] aims to prevent ‘stalking by way of the courts.’ The law gives judges the power to prevent someone from filing multiple abusive lawsuits aimed at financially harming someone.”

Featured image by Thomas Charters