Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

June 15-21: Social Media Stories On Domestic Violence

text detailing what I wish I'd known before leaving my abusive husband

I tweet and post on Facebook hoping to give you all valuable information that you can use. The stories tell of

  • domestic violence in the news,
  • leaving and staying in domestic violence,
  • safety planning and ways to get help,
  • books about domestic violence, books to take your mind off domestic violence and
  • health issues of concern to those of us living in or healing after abuse.

Verbal Abuse Journals tweets under #exposeDV unless it just won’t fit in the character limit. Our twitter handle is @abuse_journals – please follow.

The Verbal Abuse Journals Facebook page showcases Janet’s messages (she’s our mentor manager) and I post at times. We have a Pinterest tab on the Facebook page, but you can follow our domestic violence and abuse board on Pinterest, too. If you missed the last week or so on social media (who can keep up?), here are the links I shared:

Domestic Violence and Health

Expose Domestic Violence and Abuse

Parenting And Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Books

Take Your Mind Off Domestic Violence Books

Domestic Violence and Abuse Stories

Leaving Domestic Violence and Abuse

Mentoring Domestic Violence And Abuse Victims

*NOTE: We are in dire need of mentors/coaches to help abuse victims who live in abuse or are healing from it. 

My Favorite Comments of The Week

Facebook Comment on Post Asking For Mentors (See This Online):

“I would like to do this but sharing my ss# and paying a few sounds sketchy to me :(“

Janet’s reply: “It’s not sketchy but I admire you making that statement. It shows that you are taking care of yourself. The SS# and the fee are for the Criminal Record Check we run prior to accepting a Mentor. We do this because we are asking virtual strangers to be in a position of trust with someone who is already vulnerable. Doing the check protects everyone involved.”

Twitter (See This Online):

@DTPhotos54 tweets, “Need information on Verbal or Emotional Abuse? @abuse_journals has some great resources.”

Reply: YAY! That’s what we try to do – provide education and resources.

Facebook In Response to This Image (See This Online):

text detailing what I wish I'd known before leaving my abusive husband

“sorry but it kinda sounds worse than staying…”

Janet’s reply: These are the big hurdles you can face after you have left. It is more something to be aware of. But there is also a lot of good to leaving. Living FREE of day-to-day abuse, constant fear, and what that does to your health is worth the hurdles. I found that after I left I found me again, I found laughter and I found freedom!! I find those three things worth having even though I have faced each of these hurdles.

I hope you found this useful. Have a great day!