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About Relationship Abuse

  • Undermining Is Verbal Abuse

    Undermining Is Verbal Abuse

    How Does Undermining Work? Undermining kind of works as it sounds. Let’s say you’re digging a mine. It is a super-great mine! Your abusive partner begins digging a mine deeper than yours, directly under yours, without you knowing it. You come home from digging your mine one day and excitedly tell your partner about how…


  • Threatening Behavior And Words

    Threatening Behavior And Words

    What Are Threatening Words and Behavior? As you can guess, threatening words and behavior imply or involve emotional pain, physical pain, or both. If your partner threatens to leave if you do or don’t do something, that is a threat. Threats are verbal and emotional abuse. Some things you could hear are, “If you go out…


  • The Brainwashing Technique

    The Brainwashing Technique

    Learn How It’s Done So You Can Undo It Your Abuser Already Knows How It’s Done This brainwashing technique isn’t so much one your abuser learned on purpose (although she certainly could have studied brainwashing techniques). Brainwashing comes naturally to people If something went wrong and your abuser lacks empathy in any way, she probably picked up…


  • I Didn’t Know It Was Abuse

    I Didn’t Know It Was Abuse

    One morning, while applying waterproof mascara, I looked into my eyes and saw it. Nothing. My eyes didn’t shine or pop; there was no light. Where did I go? Where was my soul? Fiery hot tears boiled in the corners of my eyes and rolled down my cheeks leaving their tracks in the pink blush…


  • PTSD from Domestic Abuse

    PTSD from Domestic Abuse

    PTSD Affects 10 Percent of Domestic Abuse Survivors Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from domestic abuse affects a great number of abused and previously abused women. Women, in general, develop PTSD from domestic abuse more often than men in part because … women are more likely to experience trauma within established relationships or their traumatic exposures are more chronic than…


  • Verbal Abuse Books That Teach the Vocabulary of Abuse

    Verbal Abuse Books That Teach the Vocabulary of Abuse

    Verbal abuse books helped me discover that my marriage problems were rooted in verbal and emotional abuse. I felt relief because up until I read the library of verbal abuse books available, I thought that I was losing my mind. My abusive husband had almost convinced me that every problem in our marriage was my…


  • ‘My Abusive Marriage . . . and what i’m doing in it’ by Kellie Jo Holly

    ‘My Abusive Marriage . . . and what i’m doing in it’ by Kellie Jo Holly

    Are you being abused? Gain clarity, realize you are not crazy, and find out the common threads of abuse through a gripping tell-all account of an 18-year, abusive marriage. You’ve poured through her blog. You might have even received help from one of her mentors; but hear exactly how Kellie Jo Holly has arrived at…


  • Staying in an Abusive Relationship

    Staying in an Abusive Relationship

    Staying Is a Choice You Can Make Staying in an abusive relationship is a choice some of us make. But when you’re staying in an abusive relationship, you won’t find much support from your family or friends–if your abuser hasn’t isolated you from them–or even domestic violence helping agencies. People who would like to support…


  • Is PTSD from Abuse Affecting You?

    Is PTSD from Abuse Affecting You?

    About 6 out of every 100 people, 6% of the United States population, will have PTSD at some point in their lives.1 PTSD resulting from domestic abuse is diagnosed in about 10% of domestic violence victims. Why so many? Domestic abuse is a trauma enacted by someone you’re told you can trust (the family unit…


  • Domestic Abuse FAQs

    Domestic Abuse FAQs

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