Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

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Caroline Abbott, domestic violence survivor and tireless trooper for God and Godly marriages, writes this on her blog:

You are God’s precious daughter, made in his image. He sent His only Son to die for you. No one has the right to abuse you. God never calls women to submit to abuse. He wants to protect you, and would want you to seek help.

My favorite part in that statement is “God never calls women to submit to abuse” (but remember…God doesn’t call anyone to submit to abuse). We may suffer, we may cry, but we all have the free will to choose how we deal with our pain. Submitting to abuse causes you to deny who you are and trash the unique qualities, abilities and experiences given to you. What a waste of a great human.

inspiring blog awardAnyway, Caroline chose this blog and nine others for the Inspiring Blog Award. You should check out her list – there is greatness there. If Caroline hadn’t already nominated Jodi Aman’s Heal Now and ForeverCindy Burrell’s Verbal and Emotional Abuse, and Adonna Seal’s Abused Twice, I would have! Fortunately, there are plenty more inspiring blogs to nominate.

If you find your blog on this list, then guess what? You’ve been given the Inspiring Blog Award too!

But First…The Rules

Receipt of this award comes with the following tasks:

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▪   State 7 things about yourself.
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7 Things About Kellie Jo Holly

1. Holly is a fake last name I assumed to protect my family’s privacy while still married to my abusive partner. My real last name is Helget. Please hire me if you see my application!

2. I tend to forgive easily. In the “old days” I forgave the wrong people too easily. Today, if I can’t forgive, I give it to Spirit (what I call God) and let her hold it for me until I’m ready.

3. The last time I told an outright lie it was to get a credit card to pay my attorney during my divorce. The last time I told a partial lie it was to avoid the embarrassment of someone knowing my son smokes pot. The last time I did not lie and should have was when my ex-husband asked me what was wrong; I told him only to have it thrown back at my tender heart later.

4. I am self-conscious about my current weight. It’s getting in the way of my progress. I pick my nose when no one is looking (well, not every time no one is looking…a girl’s gotta type). I smoke cigarettes. I am not proud of one of those admissions.

5. I wrote a book about the time between realizing I was abused and leaving my husband. It was emotionally difficult, but I am proud for having done it.

6. I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fayetteville State University in May 2013. I am also proud about that – or will be proud, whichever way you want to look at it.

7. I take mental pictures of moments I know I will treasure. In my mental album, I have images of my boys’ baby hands clasping my fingers and their tiny feet in my palms, my boyfriend standing at the workbench smiling at me way before I ever knew he’d be my boyfriend, my mother’s really happy face with tears, and my sister’s hair-bun stuffed with pencils and pens. There are many more.

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