Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

The Voices

I feel a need to explain to you that I hear voices.

They don’t tell me to do bad things or to hurt anyone. I’m not dissociated or schizophrenic and that is not a self-diagnosis.

Anyway, I do hear voices. Some people think that I’m only talking to myself. Sylvia Browne, who insists that spirit voices are high and tinny, would probably think I was talking to myself, too. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion, the voices I hear are not always my own, although I will give various parts of myself a listen at times. I can always tell if a voice is my own or someone else’s.

I’ve heard the voices of wandering spirits wanting to chat or pass along a message. I’ve heard the familiar ring of a passed loved-one’s voice. I’ve heard the soothing (and sometimes vehement!) voice of my angel and other similar-feeling angelic voices. I’ve heard the voice of my gut (most recently) but also the voice of the pain in my leg, the knot in my belly, the flighty anxiousness in my chest.

I stop short of claiming to hear the voice of god because I feel that I am not worthy. (But what are angels? Do they say things god wouldn’t or not say things god would?) Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to convert you to anything. You’re perfect the way you are! Ask god if you don’t believe me and then listen!

I love the fact that I hear voices. Sometimes what I’ve heard scares me, angers me, and incites me to call upon the white light of protection to insulate me from the din. But in hindsight, the ones I listen to tell me things that I need to know, need to hear.

Try as I might, I have yet to hear the voices of my pets, and I cannot command performances from any voice. However, I do know the state of mind to attain in order to hear the more familiar ones clearly. Especially when it comes to my angel, I am familiar with how to connect.

And I also know how to turn off the voices.

So, in the course of this blog, you’re likely to read what I hear (like in the Gentle Other Voice).

I suppose I wanted to explain this to you because it’s a gift I want to share. I take credit only as a stenographer.