Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

PTSD and Depression Keep Me Spiraling Downward

My anxiety caused visions of my children dying or dead. Eventually I learned to "rewind them" and give them a different ending. It helps.

PTSD and depression developed during domestic abuse caused visions of my children dying or dead. Fear of life held me tight, but I didn't understand why.

Note from June 2012

PTSD caused by the abuse in my relationship created vivid visions of my children dying or dead. They were horrible! Eventually I learned to rewind the visions. After they flash in my mind, I rewind to a point before the tragedy and visualize a different ending. It helps.

In the entry below, you’ll read how PTSD and depression symptoms feel. For example, wanting to hide, intrusive thoughts, daydreams that are like nightmares, detachment and more reveal themselves in the entry below.

Living everyday knowing the end will come without dreading or hiding away takes courage. In this life we are faced with the challenge of getting out of bed every day, not knowing if this is the last day.

I am cycling downward again. This struggle seems never-ending. Visions of horrors play in my mind over and over. I cannot make them real by writing them down …

God, please reveal these pictures for what they are – fears of losing my family. Too much to bear sometimes. What am I supposed to do? Any answer would help. How do I live in times like these? How do I learn to live?

I want to share my life, but I keep everyone at a distance. I feel like there is something more to it that I just don’t get.

I should not be afraid. I need to pray to strengthen God’s course for me, and God will let me know what is to be done.

Please don’t let me overshadow God’s will, because I know that when I follow God’s will, my life and my family’s life will fall into place neatly and strong in his love. My goal for tonight and tomorrow is to follow his will.

Lord, help me do what it is you ask – Lord, help me to understand what it is you ask. Amen