Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

I Will Always Be Hopeful

It's impossible to protect your children from abuse while living with the abuser.

I am earnestly putting faith in God that our relationship will straighten out. I must say, the last few days of not obsessing over Will have been a lot more fun and fruitful than vegging on “What will we do?!”

I am also trying to find the balance between EXPECTING God to turn us around and FAITHFULLY responding to him regardless. I know God will change me and my actions, but how do I make all this junk okay for our boys in the meantime? [Answer: I could not. I wish I’d left then, in 1998.]

I just read the Catholic paper and it mentioned Hope as being the difference between failure and success or a good life and a downtrodden one. I will always be hopeful.

(*This is quite different from the belief I wrote in “Hope is Worry Backwards” years later.)

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