Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

What Do You Pray For?

Long ago, in the trenches of my abusive marriage, I prayed for strength and courage. God delivered – She gave me experiences that required strength and courage so I could hone those skills! That wasn’t exactly what I meant… Even so, I do consider myself a strong and courageous person today. I figure that if I can remove the Abuse Demon from my life, then I can do anything!


I am glad that I prayed for the “wrong” thing even though I wish the abuse never happened. Without a prayer, I would be lost.

Today I pray for wisdom and the ability to hear God speak to me. I pray that I am able to allow God to work Her divine plan through me. I like listening for Spirit’s voice in the wind; She has an indescribably unique sound. Sometimes I mess up the message because I am only human! Yet I am at peace knowing that what I do and when I do it has a reason even if I never know it.

What do you pray for? What emotions or characteristics do you want? How do you think you’re learning what you need to know, and how will you know when your prayers are answered?