Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Ending an Abusive Relationship

A woman with wide piece of tape over her mouth. She looks angry. Text says 'Break your silence'

Ending an abusive relationship begins by telling someone what you are going through. If you continue to suffer in silence, you will continue to torture yourself with thoughts like

  • Did I hear that right?
  • Am I crazy?
  • Why does he treat me that way?
  • She is crazy! But everyone thinks she’s the normal one…
  • The kids deserve a whole family.
  • I’m in such a fog…how do I know if I’m making the right decision?
  • Ending this abusive relationship is important…but I don’t know how…

Talking to other people, especially ones who have walked in your shoes, will give you almost immediate relief from the feelings of guilt, anger, hopelessness and helplessness that abuse so ardently creates. You should know that these feelings are false feelings, implanted in you by the effects of abuse.

Ending an abusive relationship starts small and within you. Subtle changes in your thinking eventually snowball into greater self-esteem and confidence. Try out the steps here to get the ball rolling.

Several people who broke their silence offer advice to anyone suffering at the hands of an abusive person. Below are their kind thoughts and links to their stories.

“Anyone…PLEASE…If you EVER have some who loves you…Hurt you physically, spit on you, call you vulgar names, control your life…RUN…As fast as you can, abuse to this extent never gets better.”


I still struggle speaking about this. It brings fear, sadness, anger and guilt back. I still feel alone in dealing with this, but meet people who show me that I am not. Step by step I am getting stronger, but I now know that the best thing I ever did was speak out.

And If I had known to do that before… I would not have been in this situation for so long. The hardest part is leaving and speaking out but it is also so freeing! We are NEVER truly alone! And we NEVER deserve to be abused physically, financially, emotionally, or verbally. So please if you are in a similar situation or you know someone who is… Speak out.


My sole purpose is to help this abuse stop for others, I want to raise awareness and share my story and let people know that YOU are NOT alone. I hope that by sharing this story it will make a little difference.


It’s a blessing that we all are speaking out; this awareness is saving our lives from abuse, putting a name to the confusion… without this support, who knows where I would be now…


You don’t have to endure the process of ending your abusive relationship alone. Please click here to break your silence today.

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