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‘You Hate Men!’ Is Diversion . . . and Retraumatization

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For a very long time, my husband has insisted that the cause of our marriage problems is that I experienced rape. He says that I can’t believe he loves me, get so hurt at what he says to me, etc., because I was raped. He fanatically says I hate all men because men raped me. Every time he said that I would delve into the memory of the rapes and reconsider their effects on my marriage.

Telling me that my rape is the source of our problems is a diversion. It turns me away from whatever Will is doing and causes me to examine myself. Blaming my past for our current problems is also wrong. Will blames me for our problems without taking any responsibility for his behavior. He wants me to blame myself for his abuse.

Although I do not believe that being raped is the cause of our problems, I spent a lot of time alone and with therapists talking about what happened when I was 14 and 19. For the record, I believe our marriage problems stem from verbal abuse. Verbal rape of the mind and soul. This page serves no real purpose except to let you know I did spend ample time wondering if I hated men as Will insists (Long-Term Symptoms of Verbal Abuse).

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