Break Your Silence

If you want to give your experience a public voice, I will publish your story on this website. I feel the only way to end abuse for everyone is to expose its variations to the world. If we can recognize abuse, we can stop it. But to recognize it, we first must know what we’re looking for.

break your silence of abuseBy sharing your story, you can confirm the experience of hundreds of other abuse victims who are unsure about what is happening to them or who believe that abusive relationships are “normal”.

It is my hope that by some of us saying, “This is abuse!” then others will have the courage to do so too.

The longer we victims act ashamed of something that we cannot control, the longer the abuse will continue and the longer abusers will find refuge in our silence.

So, if you have a testimonial about verbal, emotional, mental, or physical abuse, break your silence. Tell the world. Expose your abuse right now.

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Rules to Follow

Minimum Requirements:

  1. journal entry with permission given to me to edit and post to this site is required.
  2. Please list at least three emotions you feel relate to your abuse.
  3. What were your signs of abuse? How did you find out you were abused? Please include a short description of what “opened your eyes and ears” to the verbal abuse in your relationship.

Video and Sound Requirements

If you choose, submit sound or video along with your entry.

  1. Sounds and videos are accepted in English only. English is the only language I speak and it’s the only language in which I can verify the requirements are met.
  2. Sound or video clips may be included so long as last names and the abusers face or recognizable traits are not shown or used in the footage. No pictures of your abuser are permitted. You may submit pictures or video footage of yourself. If you post videos about your abuse to YouTube or another web service, you could include a link so I can embed the video(s) in your story page.
  3. Sound and video may be actual instances of verbal abuse, a video blog type entry, a discussion between you and a friend or any other creative session you create. However, I will not accept videos or sound bites from therapy sessions.