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What's Next?

A new friend suggested I take a look at my horoscope, and this is what it said:

“Capricorn, Friday, 6 November 2009

“You are not in your current situation by accident. Or by mistake. Or even by way of a punishment. You are where you are because it is the right place for you to be, if only in order for you to realise fully where you want to be instead, and how you can get there.

“You certainly don’t have to stay where you are now forever, but nor need you ever look back and wish that you had never been there at all. Don’t place too much emphasis, this weekend, on ‘what ifs’. Or ‘if onlys’. The question to ask is, ‘what next’? …”

Interesting, no? Especially since this morning I woke up obsessing about “what ifs”. Fortunately, I moved beyond the what-ifs and the panic, but now I want to answer the question, as best I can, of “What’s Next?”

  • I am going to focus on writing. I don’t know exactly what I’ll write or where it will end up, but I have three outlets that that allow me to focus. One is this blog, one is a book idea that a friend wants to help me publish, and the third is something a different friend mentioned on her facebook updates called Nanowrimo.
  • I am going to re-check my safety plan, looking for weak spots and reinforcing them.
  • I am going to review my boundaries AND the possible reactions I could respond with if/when they’re broken.
  • I am going to patiently build up some hope and excitement for my husband’s return; if I keep thinking about it being a bad thing, then guess what…it’s going to be bad. I’m not going to immerse myself in hope (worry backward), but I am going to cultivate a more positive approach to dealing with the unknown.

And I think those things will keep me plenty busy for at least the next month!

PS: The horoscope I read is here.