Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Seconds Away

Sometimes I feel like I live in a haunted house – dark, dreary, ghosts hovering, and memories creaking in my mind.

And then a window flies open, the breeze blows the heavy curtains aside and I can see what has always been there but lurked forgotten in the overpowering shadow.

This time when the curtain blew aside, I saw myself in a mirror. I was so surprised by what I saw that I caught the curtain and tied it back so it couldn’t fall heavily over the window’s light.

I see a bright, energetic, excited, adventurous woman in the mirror. I see someone who is ready to step out of the shadows, out of the house. I want the sunlight to fall on me, I want the wind to blow my hair. I like how the sunlight catches my eye color turning it from brown to yellow.

I like me.

It amazes me how I am only seconds away from greatness. I am only seconds away from being fully me, no limits, no restrictions, no rules except the ones I choose.

The ghosts want me to let the curtain fall dustily into its normal place over the light. They tell me that I am too weak to maintain this certainty of self, that I am too small to make a difference, that I am too little, too late, and too short of everything it takes to keep the curtain from falling.

What the ghosts can’t see is that I am not holding the curtain back; someone bigger, badder, stronger and bolder than me is doing that for me.

She knows I’m ready, I know I’m ready. I’m ready to be me. Bring it on.