Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

I See the Best in You

I received my copy of “The Crazy-Making Husband” today. In it, the author says,

“Tragically, and totally crazy-making, when we wives see unused potential, or the capacity for greatness in our husbands, rather than feel grateful, they feel criticized and attacked.”

Muffy Gibson
"Do you realize that you said you are angry with me because I believe that you COULD do it? You're angry at me because I BELIEVE IN YOU?!"

Yes! Why is that? During one particularly memorable argument, I said to my husband, “Do you realize that you said you are angry with me because I believe that you could do it? You’re angry at me because I believe in you?!

And I remember that he paused, maybe only for half a second, but as if he realized how crazy this argument was. As if, in that half second, he came face to face with the realization that he was behaving erratically and irrationally.

But at the tail-end of that half of a second, he decided to ignore the idea that he was acting crazily.

Instead, his demeanor turned to contempt.

He said something about we were arguing because I was too emotional and said, “Look at your SELF, Kellie! You’re the one in tears yelling at ME as if I were the one out of line! It’s your stupid idea!

Silence followed. A long one. We haven’t spoken of my idea or the possibility that he could develop it since.

Abusive anger, diversion and crazy-making all rolled into one argument.

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