Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Advice from My Guardian Angel

Dear God,

Where do I go from here? Do I go to work with Mr. F.? Will that help? Should I spend this time at home?

My child, you are not alone in your wondering. Many people wonder when to take the next step.

Many hearts work for God yet many do not KNOW it. You know you work for God so why not let Him tell you where to go and what to be? Then there is no guilt.  God warns us to follow His path or be broken from Him.  Do not fear your path laid out for you.  Follow God.  His signs are readily available.

Does that mean I shouldn’t pursue my business?

Your business is God’s business. You are special in His eyes, and for now, embrace these tidings: Fear not for your safety. Fear not for money. Needs will be met.

Life is not meant to be mindlessly passed through, but cherished. Every moment, every word, every home you call home is a gift from God. Never forget where you are right now.

Who are you?


Can I see you?

How can you see what you cannot but feel? My place is not in proving. You are proving, I am Being. Try Being for awhile. Be still. Be gracious. Be kind. All will come.

No, Patience is not one of your strong points. Bluntness turns your head. How to be – What to do – How to do it – All answers come but not when you want so you look for other things to do, other things to be. Be you now.  Be Mama.  Be worshipper of God. Trust in Him. Trust in Him.

Are you angry?

Yes I am angry. You do not know you are developing attitudes that will harm you. Examine yourself. Too terrible for you fear too much. It creates havoc and wastes of time and place.

It is hard for Will to be gracious when he turns away from God. It is hard to be happy when your attitude is one of distaste for your situation.

You are here NOW for a reason. Use your NOW and that reason will become apparent.

Never trust in tomorrows. Only trust in God. Crazy ideas of doing more to find answers are not working. Do LESS and receive God’s goodness.

I am here I see you I feel you I know you You can know God like that too if you will just shut off all of your “DO’s”!

Okay, Pauline

No – not okay. Frustrated with yourself is not going to get you through this. Confidence in God will do that. You are headed for a tough time should you not turn around and refocus on the importance of being.  Period.

Enjoy, Kellie. Don’t put off enjoying life for the chance to be happy tomorrow. Happiness is here today. Grab it.

I will go. You are tiring. I love you, My Lamb. Never forget that. Take off the blinders Child.  Love today.

Note from June 2012

Pauline is my guardian angel. Until this prayer, I didn’t know I had a guardian angel, or at least, a specific guardian angel.

She never ever outright says that my husband is abusive, but then, I didn’t want to hear that anyway. Only in hindsight do I see the clues in her wisdom. I wore my blinders tightly.

What angels did you speak with today or in days past? Who supports and encourages you? Who speaks the truth that you don’t want to hear?