Top 8 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Marriage

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Signs that it's time to leave the marriage? Hello? Maybe a David Letterman's Top 10 List? I'm talking to "Big Me" in this post, and my subconscious answers.[…removed text]

Little Me wrote: I wonder how long I’ll be able to go on with abuse at the forefront of my mind. At some point it will truly exhaust me. How will I know if it’s time to cut out of my marriage? How will I know if I need to continue healing on my own, when me trying to force Will to stop his part in this if fruitless? How will I know if it’s time to leave?

Hey, Big Me, I’m talking to You. Signs that it’s time to leave the marriage? Hello? Maybe a David Letterman’s Top 10 List?

Big Me said: You don’t really want me to answer that question.

Little Me wrote: No, I suppose I don’t want it, but I think I need you to answer me. Don’t make me dance around like Squirrel Nutkin here. Please, tell me: When is it time to let go of this marriage?

Big Me said:

  1. When you cannot hear Pauline [my guardian angel] or me.
  2. When you do not write or draw or express your truth in any new way.
  3. When you are seeing darkness in the middle of the day.
  4. When no one wants to listen to you anymore because you encourage them to do things you cannot do. Or will not do.
  5. When you cannot bear the sound of his footsteps, it is time to not hear those footsteps anymore.
  6. When you feel as if everyone would be better off without your crazy ass self.
  7. When you feel dead, your eyes are puffy and you have headaches from all the cry-snot you generate.
  8. When you feel all hope is lost.

Those are signs that it is time to leave your marriage.

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Kellie Jo Holly passionately advocates against domestic violence through her writing and mentoring service. She loves helping women cope with abuse while in the relationship and supporting them as they leave the relationship and begin to heal. You can also find Kellie on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You can buy her books from Amazon.

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