Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

To Will's Family

I’ve recently made a mistake. In my haste to notify Will’s family that he was NOT involved in a tragedy while on deployment, I sent the email from my “work” account which has the address to this website in the signature line.

For this, I sincerely apologize. It was never my intention to draw in people who know my husband. I haven’t spoken of this website to any family members (besides my own) and never will. If there are any family members reading this blog and upset by it, I invite you to stop reading it. Kind of like a television show you do not like. Turn it off.

I have honored Will’s request to change all of our names from the implementation of this site. He has full awareness of my blog and has read it before; he knew I was creating a website before it ever went “live” online.

Despite Will’s embarassment, I will not stop writing about what goes on from my perspective in our home. No one has to agree with me, and I am not asking for your sympathy or support.

I am, however, using my voice and my experience to illustrate the difficulties of an abusive relationship. It is my opinion, backed by facts concerning abusive relationships in general, that my marriage is and has been from its inception, an abusive relationship.

I am no saint as I’m sure my blog has illustrated; I am doing all I can to take the responsibility for my faults and mistakes. However, I will not accept and do not deserve the blame for all that has happened in my marriage.

I apologize for including you, Will’s family members who rightly love him, in my marriage drama. I understand that “this” is the sort of thing I am supposed to be quiet about, but I am unwilling to be silent any longer, even though it concerns someone whom you dearly love.

I love him, too; otherwise I would not still live in this home fighting for my marriage to a man who doesn’t seem to understand that I want us four to come out of this tragedy healthier, better people. Of course, I have no control over that, but it is what I want.