Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.


Marriage counseling doesn't stop abuse - you stop abuse

Marriage counseling doesn't stop abuse - you stop abusequietone said, “But in some ways trying to force him to be committal about counseling is asking him to correct everything before he even goes in for his first session. It’s also asking him to acknowledge that his is wrong. He won’t acknowledge that right now but if the counselor is any good he might start seeing it within himself after a few sessions.”

Quietone gives the same advice my therapist gave to me. We have a counseling appointment on Wednesday, hopefully the first of many. Deanna, my therapist, said to let my husband take the lead when describing our issues. Perhaps quietone and Deanna are right. I will let him take the lead in therapy.

Does that mean that I will take the abuse at home? No. I don’t have to take it. I will continue to say things like, “please don’t talk to me like that” and “stop”.

Granted, “Stop” doesn’t work very well. After I say “Stop” I have to walk away because he launches into the “it’s impossible to talk to you” tirade. But hey. Maybe “Stop” is my best answer.