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Randomly K's Story

Thankfully, I have found Randomly K’s Journal Entry! It’s posted on the site along with Amber’s and Mike’s.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, RK.  “It” happens just as you describe it. So often I’ve done something against my better judgment because I thought it would make him happy.

What a joke. He knows I’m trying to act in ways that fuels his happiness, but his sense of entitlement, the idea that I “should” ensure his happiness no matter what he says, gets in the way. To him, his words don’t matter when he’s testing me – insincerely pretending to want to “make” me happy – and somehow, I’m supposed to know the difference. I’m supposed to know that he what? That he doesn’t really want me to be happy?

Well, I think I just figured that one out. He doesn’t really want me to be happy. My happiness threatens his ability to “make” me behave as he would like.

Sorry, I ran on and on. What I really would like you to do is take a look at Randomly K’s story.