Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Things to Remember When My World Is Spinning

Truly Good Things in My Life:

I truly and deeply love my boys.

My husband wants to be married to me, for better or worse.

My mother and sister and Nana and Granny support me and understand me better than I think they do, most all of the time.

Bonnet, Poppet and Scarlet are cuddly and cute, playful and mysterious.  They are a joy.

I can talk to angels and god and my relatives who have passed any time I want to talk to them. They are always here.

My father-in-law cares about my family. He is helpful and kind, and always lends a hand when I ask.

I am living in a home that meets our needs and is full of pretty, useful, and memorable items and heirlooms.

I have a really cool phone.

I have a really cool computer that helps me get stuff done!

I am learning how to be healthier and putting new ideas into practice, even when it is hard hard hard!

We have plenty of good food to eat.

My husband works and provides a comfortable living for us.

I am going to be better, very soon.

I have a network of support for when I feel overwhelmed. I can call a hotline if I want…no one can stop me from moving forward with my life (not even the old me).

I have nice clothes to wear.

I am able to keep a clean house because I want to live in a clean house!

I can laugh at myself. Go ahead…do it now…

I can change my thoughts, I can change my mood, and I can determine how best to act on my emotions.

I love living this life of change and look forward to the day when the changes I am making come easier.

I can take medication that helps me deal with my depression and anxiety without losing feelings that are important to helping me make wise decisions.

I can make hard decisions and stick by them.

I can stop my mind from spinning.

I can talk to angels and god and my relatives who have passed any time I want to talk to them. They are always here.

I can cry without falling deeper into confusion and gloom.

I can handle my anger in positive ways. What needs to change? What can I change? What am I thinking about the thing that I’m angry about that KEEPS me angry at it?

I have working eyes, ears, arms and legs.

I have access to educational information that I can use and implement when I see fit. Or I can follow my own heart when the situation calls for it. There’s a time to end research…maybe this is a time to follow my heart, even if it makes my stomach churn? I feel better when I decide.

I can decide to feel better.