Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

The Good Stuff

“Releasing and healing parental and spousal emotional abuse and sexual abuse will do more for improving your diet and life than just about anything else.” ~from How To Naturally Beat Metabolic Syndrome

I believe that statement is true (although I’m not spending money on the diet the site promotes!).

As I unwrap layers and years of unhealthy thinking, I’m finding that I have more energy, more self-love, more time to think about what I’m doing to and putting into my body.

With that extra energy, I’ve noticed that I make a lot of (rotten) habitual choices when it comes to food.

For example, I don’t eat all day before I have to run some errands. So, what’s my first stop when I leave the house? Typically Taco Bell. “Hey – I can’t go to the grocery store hungry!” I tell myself.

Fact is, I didn’t have to leave the house hungry. The amount of food I throw away each month proves it.

I’m not to the point where I am ACTING on my realizations concerning food and physical fitness, but as these “rotten body habits” are starting to form a pile in my mind, I know that I’m about to start changing those habits.

And because I’m unwrapping layers of energy-sapping thoughts, I know I’m going to have the energy I desire to tackle those rotten habits very soon.

So, unwrap a layer of yourself so the good stuff can get in you!