Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

I’m Staying

I made a monumental decision: I’m staying in my marriage.

I’m going to get myself straight.

In the process, Will is going to do the same or HE is going to choose to leave.

And when we’re both healthy after working together to straighten out this mess of a marriage, we’re going to have the life we both want, individually and together.

I know that may sound like pie in the sky thinking, but I know in my heart that it is going to work.

Of course, the alternative (he leaves; we don’t ever straighten out OUR relationship) is a possibility. IF that comes to pass, I will undoubtedly be very sad. BUT I can deal with any feelings that arise at that time. Forecasting how I’ll feel is pointless and worrisome and holding me back from creating the life I want.