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The Universe Makes It Hard Sometimes

When I read the notice that my Amazon.com affiliates account had been closed, I had no earthly idea WHY.

Although the affiliates links promoted on my site have not brought in any money (yet) for my emergency account, I felt that Amazon was the best way to pass informative books (mostly) onto the readers of my blog, site and Emergency Fund Store. Plus, Amazon had some really cool widgets that allow song clips to be played. I used them as kind of a “sound track” in some pages.

The account was closed because of a piece of legislation passed by my state’s government. No, I cannot simply “use another state” for my bank account (ILLEGAL) or in some other way hide my residence. You know the IRS. Bastards. (BTW – we can get rid of the IRS via the Fair Tax).

ANYHOW, I was just disgusted and temporarily flung into panic mode. I mean, there’s a LOT of amazon.com promotion on my site. LOTS of work went into promoting this company. I had hung a lot of hope on the idea that I just might become more financially independent by using the service.

So yes, panic mode.

But then I got to thinking.

What if this is my smack on the back of the head from the universe? What if I’m being forced in a different direction? What if there’s a different and more reliable way to fund my emergency account?

What if what I’m doing is valuable enough to warrant some other type of income plan? A plan based on what I have to offer instead of what a “trusted” affiliate could do.

So, I’ll be thinking on that.

Until I come up with a plan, I’m leaving the amazon.com links in place. Clicking on them will STILL take you to amazon where you can purchase the books and other items I recommend. I still believe in those products even though I no longer feel I can trust an affiliate marketing strategy of the amazon (or google) structure.

Know what? Even though the idea that I may be able to fund my emergency account without amazon’s help is exciting, I’m still a little ticked off about the closing of my account (with no notice). I’m taking links to amazon off of my blog today; the rest of the website will follow in time.