Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.


I was going to write about how I didn’t feel like writing and leave it at that. But then I read the comments from Martha (a.k.a. Muffy Gibson), and suddenly I feel very grateful. I’m grateful to Martha, and I’m grateful to Erin (a.k.a. my sister). I’m in awe that two smart and inspiring women take their time to comment on my blog, to offer their support and information at such a crossroad in my life.


Now Erin, you may be thinking that I’m thanking you now because Martha’s presence flatters me and I’m getting a little “high” from her attention. The idea that she, a stranger, has taken her time to share her knowledge with me (and my readers) is actually quite awesome (and not in the slang, throw-offish meaning of awesome we used in the ’80s). Honestly I did think to thank you because this post was going to be all about Martha. I mean, Martha has a published book called The Crazy-Making Husband and her own radio show! WOW!

But you, my dear sister, have been with me through it all. You are the only one of my family members unlucky enough to see first-hand how my husband treats me because he does the same thing to you; you are the only other person he has ever revealed his “other side” to without shame or remorse. I hate that for you. And even though he’s treated you badly, his efforts to divide you from me have not worked. You’re still here. You still love me. And you check my blog every day because it’s listed on your google page. WOW!

So thank you, Erin, and thank you, Martha. You help me to realize that I am truly blessed.