Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

For Myself First

I was listening to Rush the other day, and he said that it is self-interest that makes our country so great. In other words, because we have the freedom to look out for ourselves, because our destiny is in our own hands, then each of us can rise to the occasion and provide for ourselves with our own God-given talent and ingenuity.

He was making the point that if it weren’t for self-interest in the form of private business ownership, then the United States wouldn’t be what it is today. If everyone were a non-profit, there would be no where to get the money for which the non-profit needs to provide its services.

But this isn’t political. It’s about my website.

On the page “Why I Went Public” I wrote “I am dying in the shadows. I don’t want to die. So, I’m taking my story public to save my Self.” The point of my website is three-fold, and two of the three points serve my own self interests.

  1. I want to save myself
  2. I want to fund my emergency account
  3. I want to help other abuse survivors recognize their abuse for what it is, and then either do what I do or don’t as I muddle through to a hopefully wonderous conclusion.

I’m not braver than you or stronger than you or any different at all from you…I’m not going to stay in this relationship just to prove I can any more than I would leave it to prove “everyone” is right. What I am doing is entirely self-serving. If you want to ride along, or if you find value in this story, then I am grateful. But I’m not doing it for you.