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Mere Woman

Yesterday the truck slid into the pond when Will was cleaning up the wood back there. He asked me to use the car to get it unstuck, but the car almost got stuck.

I am not a "mere woman". None of us women are "mere" women. Abusive husbands may not see it that way.

He started to use his come-along to kind of wench it out of the mud…but the darn thing was stuck almost literally sideways. The water was inside the cab, covering the passenger seat. That come-along wasn’t going to do the trick.

I asked what I could do to help – offered to ask his buddies at David’s Transmissions to bring a tow.

He got SO MAD at me! He said that we didn’t have the fucking money for a tow truck and told me to go away. As I walked away with tears in my eyes, he yelled “What the HELL do you think YOU could do anyway?! You’re just a mere woman!”

I thought of the last time he called me a “mere woman”. That time, I threw the darn key he was wanting out the second-story window. That idiot jumped out the window after it. He dislocated his knee and shoulder.

This time instead of getting scared, I got mad. I decided to go to the garage anyway. I walked back to the car and drove off praying for a way to help Will get the stupid truck out of the stupid mud.

On the way to the garage, I saw a tow truck parked at the gas station. In big letters on the side, it said, “Not for Hire,” but I decided to ignore it. I found the driver and explained what had happened. I asked him if he could help us and how much it would cost.

He said that he would do it for free! He said that this sounded too good to miss, and asked that if we ever see him stranded that we stop to help him in return.

I was amazed at the IMMEDIATE answer to my prayer. John “couldn’t get over it” and then agreed that tithing is a good idea. I hope he understands that tithing is not about money, it is about parting with something that seems like it hurts with the faith that God will provide what we gave over and over again.

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Note April 2009: Will admits to being a chauvinist pig, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Knowing he thinks he’s a bigot doesn’t mean I have to like it! He completely and totally attempts to discount me in this entry.