Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

It Will Be Better When… Oh. My Bad. No, It Won’t.

Two little boys walking through a field, one with his arm around the other.
One sign of abuse is if you keep thinking "It Will Be Better When...." (we have a baby, the kids go to school, we move, the kids go to college, etc.)

We now have a new son! His name is Eddie, and he has jet black hair. He eats like a little piggy!

Marc is in love with his little brother. He wants to carry him around and put him in his toy dump truck. Marc holds him when he watches cartoons in the morning and brings his toys over to the baby to show him.

I am so in love with our boys!

We’re moving to Texas next month after Will gets out of the military. I wouldn’t be going if he were still drinking, but it seems he’s quit for good. Will told me that he’d lied to me when he first stopped drinking. He said that he intended to get me to Texas and then start again. (Ugh! I had suspected it.)

But, he went on to say that being sober has shown him how much he’s missed with Marc. He says he doesn’t want to miss any more. He says he admires me for being able to stay home with the boys and never complain about the long hours.

Part of me wants to ignore him, but part of me is really happy to hear it.

I’m still mad that Will went off with his friends for 3 of the 4 days Eddie was in the hospital over the 4th of July. He left Marc with his friend. He left Eddie and me at the hospital. I was so worried for Eddie, and my ass husband wasn’t even watching our oldest son.

But, in a month, we’ll be off this stupid post, away from these military jerks, and starting our life fresh with two little sweet angel boys. It will be wonderful! Right? Right! 

[*Note from 2012: One sign of abuse is thinking that when something changes the abuse will stop or the relationship will get better. People are the same in any location and after any event. The abuse will not stop.]