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Anxiety From Domestic Abuse Is Tough To Deal With!

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Anxiety is a big deal for abuse victims, past and present. Sometimes I still find my heart racing at sounds that remind me of my “old life” in my abusive marriage. Fortunately, now I recognize my anxiety instead of not feeling it. Anxiety was such a huge part of my life when I lived with my abuser that I completely, unconsciously, ignored it.

I remember hearing the sliding glass door open after my husband spent a day drinking and piddling in his garage. As soon as it closed, I’d listen intently for the sound of his footsteps. Depending on the heaviness and drag, I could tell if he was going to be a pain in my ass that night or not. My heart raced at the first sound of the door – but still, I did not recognize it as anxiety until after I realized he abused me.

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A facebook friend posted about music that helped her calm down after experiencing anxiety causing, abusive episodes at home. She mentioned peaceful music, but to control my anxiety, I love a great rock ’em roll ’em scream out loud song that makes me jump and throw my fist in the air until all that swirling nervous energy dissipates. (hey, I’m an 80’s teen at heart – can’t help myself).

Overcome Anxiety With A Great Song & Physical Action

Another facebook friend found this video on Youtube and shared it with me. He is a teenager, but he “gets it” – abuse isn’t cool. I’m impressed with him now just as I was in his Tarheel Challenge days.

In the spirit of controlling anxiety with the spirit of teenage angst, here’s Red Jumpsuit Apparatus singing “Face Down”. Play it loud and MOVE around – anxiety beware!

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What songs do you use to relieve your anxious symptoms? Please share in the comments!