Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Angel Teaches Personal Boundaries

Dear God, What can I do for Will?

Listen to God closely and still the echoes in your heart, including those that you do not remember so well.

Do not do for Will what it is you think you need. Be a pillar of strength and understanding, but do not mope for him.

Don’t be angry at him, it only makes it worse. Be patient and still. Don’t harp, don’t nag, don’t restate in another way thinking he didn’t understand. He understood, he doesn’t like the understanding.

Be patient, not angry. It may get worse and seem hopeless, yet, even now he opens up.

He knows you found the way through God and he will too. His path will clear when he removes the trees and follows his own light – his own way to salvation.

Peace is within us all. Listen to it. Carefully. Now rest. You tire. Your brain needs rest, child.


Note from May 30, 2012

This angel message speaks of personal boundaries. I didn’t realize it then, but Pauline (my guardian) lays out for me the do’s and don’t’s for dealing with Will. Each list item below translates one of the short paragraphs above.

  • Listen to God instead of my fears
  • Don’t be sad for Will – he’s doing things his way and I can’t control that.
  • Be a pillar of strength (by doing my own thing)
  • Anger is pointless. It hurts me, not him.
  • I am communicating my thoughts just fine. He doesn’t like the answers I give.
  • Nagging is pointless. He heard me the first time.
  • It may get worse before it gets better.
  • He is responsible for himself; I am responsible for me.

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