Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Cryptic Financial Advice From An Angel

An angel spoke to me about money. He said:

“Fret not. Fear and worry minimize your happiness. No amount of fear will make more money or spend less.

“No other ‘more capable’ hands can free you from this bondage. The Lord’s hands hold all you need. Your checkbook could be left at home. Carrying it is false security.

“Learn to lean on Jesus instead of false securities. He is the master of Living Rooms where darkness overflows. He is light for your blinded eyes and music for your deafened ears.

“Focus on purchases well made. How did you make them? Where did you buy them? Where did you start to see a downfall? Pick yourself up by remembering it can be done.

“Your goals are reachable with the Lord’s help. He trusts those who trust in Him. Empower your life with the grace of God’s love in all areas. Darkness will be lifted.”

Thank you for the encouragement.

“You are welcomed, my love.”