Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Coming Apart – Losing Personal Boundaries

abuse art showing actual image combined

I painted “Coming Apart” within a year of our marriage. If I knew about personal boundaries back then, I would have called it “Boundary Breach” or some shit like that.

This picture embarrassed me as it came out of me. I felt injured all over. I laid bare the last protected areas of my soul in the hope that he could understand me. I just knew if he understood me, the arguments would end.

Unfortunately, the more of myself I shared with him, the more ammunition he had to use against me. He’d twist my words to fit his version of reality. His reality stood in stark contrast to my own.

I’m losing my personal boundaries in this picture. I am, in fact, losing myself.

abuse art shows a very sunburned woman with her bikini lifting off her exposing very pale skin