Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Pooh’s Lost Chapter

Chapter X: In which we reach out for support and comfort and find it.

“Christopher Robin”, said Pooh, “I was just telling Eeyore that you can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes, but he felt too ashamed to leave his house. If he hadn’t called my name when I happened by, I couldn’t have known he was hurt!”

“Oh Pooh,” said Eeyore, “I was too hurt to go anywhere. Besides, I like my gloomy bit of forest. I deserve it. But thank you, I guess, for fetching the boy.”

“Well, Eeyore,” said Christopher Robin hopefully, “perhaps now we can help you to feel a bit better, now that we’re here together. Would you like to go visit the rest of our friends? They’ll be so happy to see you!”

Eeyore moaned, “Oh, I don’t know…my tail is bruised and they will all want to talk about it – not that I don’t appreciate your help Christopher, but – “

“But Eeyore”, Pooh interrupted excitedly, “I hear there’s nothing better than thistles for a hurt tail and there just so happens to be a fresh thistle bush growing near my house.” And then, mostly to himself, Pooh said, “I found it after breakfast this morning.” And then louder, “Besides, it’s time for my mid-morning snack. I don’t suppose you have any honey, Eeyore?”

An expression that could be mistaken for a grin if Pooh and Christopher didn’t know who they were talking to spread across Eeyore’s face. “Well, I guess I could go, just for a little while.” Eeyore cautiously looked at Pooh to make sure Pooh wasn’t just being nice.

Pooh looked excited. He was smiling. So was Christopher Robin! Eeyore felt a little more courageous and a little less ashamed. “Okay, Pooh. I’ll go with you to see our friends.”

Christopher Robin tacked the last flailing bit of tail to Eeyore’s hindquarters. Eeyore felt much happier, which means he wasn’t quite so gloomy and sad as usual. Feeling braver, Eeyore said, “And Pooh, we’ll walk by a new bees’ nest I stumbled upon yesterday. You could fetch some fresh honey before your mid-morning snack.”

So, Christopher Robin, Pooh and Eeyore walked down the path toward the rest of their friends. Pooh thought of honey, Eeyore thought of being happy, and Christopher Robin thought of ways to keep Eeyore’s tail attached for good.

But nothing would have happened if Eeyore hadn’t called out to Pooh in the first place.