I Thought He Loved Me

i thought he loved me but i was wrong

I thought he loved me and wanted to protect me. I should’ve protected myself. I should’ve jumped off that cross instead of looking to him as if he were some sort of savior.

Her mouth is half-blocked because her voice is slipping away, she’s sacrificing herself on a cross, there are vortexes sucking the little woman away, watery graves, naked and unprotected caught in a silent scream … I drew this image and still didn’t consciously realize I was stepping into an abusive relationship.

Have you made this mistake with someone? How long did you stay in your abusive relationship? What did it feel like the day you found out he or she didn’t love you?

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  1. I am her she is me. 23 years and if I leave I’m afraid he will kill me. He is my everything and every time I gain strength in my voice and start to feel confident, beautiful and loved he’s right there to make sure it doesn’t last. He hates seeing me happy and when I’m upset he hates it even more. Nothing I say would ever be enough .

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