Abuse Hides in the Dark. Turn on Your Light.

Watch You Cry’s Story of Abuse

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Watch You Cry’s Signs of Being Abused

break your silence of abuseHe kept saying he was “transparent” but in the end I realized I was in the dark and that he knew everything about my business and then, I asked myself “Why? Why does this person need to know so much about me and needs to make themselves so much a part of what I do when I’ve not asked?”

That was the first awakening. If I had questions, then I was offending him as he was “transparent”. Then he would say things like “I challenge you to ask me questions!”

Watch You Cry’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Weak, Pressured, Confusion

Watch You Cry’s Story of Abuse

I felt like someone’s opinions and ideas were being forced on me. They weren’t all bad, but they were… well, not mine and I felt this fear of going against them. They were arrogant and knew everything.

All of a sudden I am this smart great person, but what they’re really telling me is that I won’t ever really be anything unless I do what they say exactly the way they want it. I was degraded, patronized, and belittled all without really knowing it.

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