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No victim of domestic abuse is ever truly ready to leave the abusive relationship. But if you tell "How I Left My Abuser" then more victims might leave too.One thing missing online are successful stories of how we chose to end our abusive relationships. My story of how I left my abuser may help you realize that you can leave too. Even better, a bunch of us survivors telling others how we left our abusers can only be better!

If you chose to end relationship abuse by leaving your relationship, please share your story so others can get ideas and figure out what are the best (and perhaps the worst) things you did on your way out.

I’ll post your experience on the site. Please don’t use your last name(s).

A Suggestion:

Write your responses in notepad, then copy and paste them into the form. Sometimes strange things happen on the Internet, and we would hate to see your story disappear into cyberspace. At least if you have a copy on your computer, you can resubmit via copy/paste again.

And Don’t Panic

After you click the send button, the screen will refresh and your text will be gone. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the “successfully sent” message. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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