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Sharing Your Story of Abuse Will Help Many People. Thank you.

If you escaped your abusive relationship & prefer to share that story, go to How I Escaped Abuse.

If you created a story, artwork, doodle, photograph, recording, musical representation, or any other creative item of your story of abuse, go to Submit Alternative Stories of Abuse.

Before you get started sharing your story of abuse, you may want to answer the form’s questions in notepad and then paste your answers in the correct boxes before sending. Sometimes things go wrong, and we would hate for you to put your heart and soul into something only to have it lost in cyberspace. At least if it is written in notepad or some other file on your computer, then a simple cut/paste and re-send is all you must do to send your story of abuse.

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Break Your Silence-Verbal, Emotional & Physical Abuse hide in the darkness of undeserved shame. Tell your story to help yourself & others end domestic abuse.Publishing your story of abuse allows many voices to reach current victims of abuse. Perhaps your story is the one written exactly as someone needs to hear it.

We are so happy you decided to publish your story on this website. The only way to end abuse for everyone is to educate families about what abuse is and how to recognize abuse when it happens. Your story could clear up a huge mystery for an abuse victim and lead her or him to safety.

I hope that as more of us say, “This is abuse!” then others will have the courage to do so too. The longer we victims act ashamed of something that we cannot control, the longer the abuse will continue and the longer abusers will find refuge in our silence.

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