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Laura B’s Story of Abuse

Two Stories of Abuse

Laura’s Signs of Being Abused

The first signs were physical abuse, busted lip, being slapped, isolation from my family.  I found out that was not normal when some ladies from a battered women’s shelter came to talk to my church women’s group.

The second time was verbal abuse and accusations of me having affairs, which weren’t true. My parents and children helped me realize that I was being abused.

Laura’s Emotional Signs of Abuse

Anger, Hopelessness, Feeling all alone

Laura’s Story of Abuse

Laura's Story of Abuse at VerbalAbuseJournals.comI was married twice to abusers. The first marriage from 84-96 was to a man who physically abused me, he broke my nose and busted my lip many times. He put his hand through the windshield of the car and put holes in our walls.

I had already decided I wasn’t worth saving, but when he started to abuse my children who were 3 and 5 at the time, I realized it was time to get out. I took the children and we stayed in a shelter because my ex threatened to kill me.

The second marriage was for three years in 08 until Jan. 2012, when I just got divorced.  I felt like he was all right because he never laid a hand on me. There was just lots of verbal abuse and intimidation.

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